Monday, 4 January 2016

New Years Resolutions | 2016

Happy New Year! Looks like it's that time of year again when we all promise to do or achieve a list of goals that we realistically probably wont remember after March. At least that's pretty much what I do every year. However, despite my poor track record of new years resolutions I have decided to set myself a few this year that are a little more realistic and hopefully by sharing them with you all I will be more likely to actually achieve some of my goals this year. So, here goes, my 2016 resolutions...

1)Read 50 Books
Technically, this is a recycled resolution as it's one of my unachieved goals I walked into 2015 promising myself I would do. Last year I only managed to read about 23, so I definitely need to step up my game this year.

2) Write at least one blog post a week
I have been a pretty crappy blogger recently. Actually, I was a pretty crappy blogger throughout 2015. My main problem was that I felt really uninspired and begin to view it as a bit of a chore. However, this year I am back with more of a flare for my little piece of the blogosphere and I am armed with a string of ideas that I can't wait to utilise in the next few months.

3) Begin learning sign language
This may seem like a bit of an odd one and honestly I don't really have much of an explanation for it. In 2015 I really began to notice how few people know sign language and it made me sad to think that such an important skill is so commonly missing. Clearly I talked about this a lot as my mum got me a book for Christmas so that I can at least start learning the basics. This resolution I think is definetely the most important and I can't wait to get started.

4) Step out of my comfort zone (and try new things)
2015 was a generally crappy year and I don't really feel like I made enough memories in those 12 months. This year I really want to start trying new things and possibly starting a new hobby that takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me build my self confidence a little more.

5) Be a more adventurous photographer
This one is very closely linked to number 4. I didn't really feel very inspired last year, especially when it came to photography. Despite it being one my favourite hobbies and being the most effective way to calm me down I felt like everything I took in 2015 was a little.... well, the same. This year I am determined to try taking a little more adventurous photos and, hopefully, this will lead to me going on some new and exciting adventures.

6) Watch a sunrise
No explanation for this, just something I've always wanted to do.

7) Care less about what other people think
Ahh, the age old resolution to block out the bitchy opinions of people that use their snarky comments to make others feel even more crappy than they probably already did. This is something I definitely made a little bit of headway with in 2015, getting better and better at just not caring. But, I definitely still see room for improvement and am especially determined to walk out of the house every morning without worrying about other peoples opinions of how I look.

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  1. I've been wanting to read more in the new year as well!
    xo, Syd