Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Week In Reflection | #1

'A Week In Reflection' is a new little series I've decided to introduce to this blog in the hopes of making my posting a little more regular. The general idea is that I have selected a few topics (e.g. songs I've listened to) and will fill them in each week. Do you get the idea? Maybe I should jump straight into it...

Favourite Songs Listened To...
Ed Sheeran - Photograph
Stereophonics - C'est La Vie
Fall Out Boy - Just One Yesterday
As It Is - Cheap Shots & Setbacks
Only The Young - I Do

Books Read...
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Favourite Blogposts Read...
Carriebrighton - Photo Diary
Fashion-Train - 25 Blog Post Ideas For When You've Run Out Of Ideas
My Friends Are Fiction - Discussion - It's hard for me to rate books outside my typical genre

Photo of The Week
(Taken in a random car park, with me trying not to fall out of the car window as I took it.)

Most Interesting Google Searches
What are the mating habits of snails? (I was curious)
How to feel inspired?
Justin Bieber without eyebrows

Curious Thoughts
In TV shows when the heroes are locked up in a cage/cave/prison/dungeon by the villain, where do they pee? In the corner? In a coca-cola bottle? They never feel the need to provide these details.

Shows/Movies Watched On Netflix
Once Upon A Time
The Inbetweeners
Friday Night Dinner

Funniest Text Sent/Recieved
"You know when a car stops when your crossing the road and you wave your hand in acknowledgement, are you thanking them for allowing you to cross or for not killing you?"
Sent by me to a friend. Apparently the answer is both.

Favourite Quote
"Study while others are sleeping;
Work while others are loafing;
Prepare while others are playing;
And dream while others are wishing."
- William Arthur Ward

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