Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Book turn off's

Hello again my Stylish Bows. Many of you may not know that I am an avid reader of books, of all shapes and sizes. But although I firmly believe in that good old phrase "don't judge a book by its cover", which I was always told by teachers growing up, the way a book is presented by its cover, synopsis etc. can have a strong effect on how a person will perceive it from a first glance. Thinking about this the other day, I decided to compile a list of a few things that can put me off a book. Although not all of these have to do with the aesthetics of the book, I still feel that you can identify them quite quickly.
1)Portrait on the cover
 By this I mean, when the cover has a photograph of a person's face to represent a character. Now, when it is just a illustration or photograph of a person from the back or from the shoulders down I am absolutely fine, but I just hate already knowing what the characters are supposed to look like before starting the book. Personally, I think one of the best parts of reading a book is forming your own unique idea of what a character looks like from the authors description, but when you have already seen a picture it taints your own perception to some extent and the two images tend to conflict as I read.
2)Characters that are hard to relate to
Usually, I can only get an idea of how relatable a character is going to be after the first few pages, but I still wanted to include this point in my list. If a book is well written, even the most out there of characters can be relatable. But when a main character is frustrating, annoying, boring and/or troublesome it can be really hard to relate to them as they can often be like their own worst enemy through the story. For a character to be relatable I think they need to be 'human'. What I mean by this is that they need to show a mixture of good and bad qualities, and are able to grow as a person through the book. This counts even if they are an alien, vampire, werewolf, etc.
3)Slow moving plot
 Usually this point takes a chapter or two to identify, but it is probably one of my biggest book pet peeves. Now, in no way am I a 'fast-paced all the way through with action and car chases around every corner' kind of girl, but even the most mellow of story lines needs some progression and movement. When it takes about 4 pages just to describe a pair of curtains, I think its about time we picked up the pace a little. Personally I think the speed of progression of the plot should have a natural flow, that dips, levels out and peaks at appropriate points in the storyline.
4)Unrelated cover design
 An irritatingly common occurrence, is when a book has a cover design that, for example, has symbols of romance, when the book is actually an intense mystery thriller with only a 2 paragraph romantic encounter. Unrelated cover designs drive me crazy as, although we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it should still give an indication of the theme of the book and should by no means be completely misleading.
I hope you have enjoyed this little rant of mine, and if you have any book pet peeves of your own I would love to know.
Miss Bows

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sweater Weather Tag

Hello again my Stylish Bows. As I am well and truly obsessed with anything and everything autumn/winter at the moment, I thought it was the perfect time to do the sweater weather tag. I hope you enjoy and if you haven't done this tag yourself yet, then I tag you and encourage you to do it.
1) Favourite autumn candle sent?
Technically my favourite autumn candle is a winter/Christmas sent but I still really love it right now. It has to be Yankee Candle's 'Sparkling Snow'. I struggle to describe scents, but I guess you could say it is quite rich with a slight touch of spice.

2) Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
This is probably the hardest question of all, seeing as I usually drink all three almost every day. Despite this, if I had to choose only one it would have to be hot chocolate.

3) Best autumn memory?
When I initially read through these questions, I paused at this one as I couldn't think of anything in answer to it. After a little time of reflection I have come to the conclusion that I actually don't have a specific memory. This is my favourite season, so I would just have to say all of autumn. Is that cheating?
4) Dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Dark lips, definitely dark lips. I tend to wear winged eyeliner all year around, but I love wearing a dark berry lip in autumn.
5) Favourite autumn fragrance?
I tend to stick to the same fragrance all year, so I don't feel like I can really answer this question. But, if I was to change specifically for autumn it would need to have a slight spicy tone but not overpowering.

6) Most loved Thanksgiving food?
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, so unfortunately I can't answer this but, if you do celebrate the holiday I would love to know what the traditional foods are.

7) What is autumn weather like where you live?
The weather in the UK generally sticks to rain, rain and more rain all year. So just drop the temperature a little and that's autumn.

8) What is your most worn sweater?
My burgundy Topshop jumper. If you would like to see it in action, I featured it in my latest autumn inspired outfit post.

9) Must have autumn nail polish?
This would have to be anything burgundy or plum toned. I don't actually have any specifics but I have seen some gorgeous shades on the Barry M stand.

10) Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
I know absolutely nothing about football and being a big kid inside I would have to go with jumping in piles of leaves.

11) Skinny Jeans or leggings?
I actually never wear leggings, so the obvious answer is skinny jeans. Other than skinny jeans, I have also been loving patterned skinny trousers at the moment. They can add some serious drama and flair to an outfit.

12) Combat boots or UGG's?
Combat boots, always combat boots.

13) Are Starbucks' 'Pumpkin Spice Lattes' worth the hype?
I have actually never tried one, but I can honestly say I am intrigued.

14) Favourite fall TV show?
At the moment I have been loving Numb3rs on Netflix. It's an American crime drama about two brothers, one an FBI agent the other a mathematics genius, who investigate some often mind boggling cases. I love mysteries and crime dramas, and this one is amazing. The characters are really well developed and likeable, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a craving for a good crime drama.

Miss Bows