Saturday, 1 February 2014

Favourite Real Techniques Brushes

Hello my Stylish Bows. Real Techniques brushes have been a huge part of my make-up routine since their release. This week I noticed that they have some new releases, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite brushes of all time as I know I will be adding to this list soon enough if the new releases are anything like their older siblings.

From Left - Right:
RT Powder Brush
RT Setting Brush
RT Contour Brush (part of core collection)
RT Stippling Brush
RT Buffing Brush (also part of core collection)

So the question is, how do I use these brushes?
1) Powder Brush
I actually don't use this for powder. I find it hard to use as it is HUGE and is hard to get into small areas e.g. under the eyes. I actually use this brush for bronzer. It is soooo soft and applies bronzer lightly, not taking too much product at a time. It applies evenly and is great for working into the face.

2) Setting Brush
This brush has two purposes for me. Firstly I like to use it too apply highlighter to my cheeks. It is the perfect size. I also like to use it to blend in my concealer after I have patted it into place using my ring finger. I find this brush gives a perfect, airbrushed look which is great. If you don't have this brush then I would recommend the RT domed shadow brush. It is great for applying and blending concealer.

3) Contour Brush
I do actually use this brush to contour. It is the perfect size to create a perfect, natural shadow. It is also great for creating a shadow down the sides of the nose. I always use this with my Sleek Face Form contour kit. A perfect, affordable, combination.

4) Stippling Brush
This is my absolute saviour when it comes to cream blush. It blends so well, without being harsh like some other stippling brushes I have tried. It not only blends perfectly but distributes product evenly.

5) Buffing Brush
Definitely saved the best for last with this one. This brush is the whole reason I picked up the core collection. I use this brush everyday without fail to apply my foundation. At one time, I was using the Stippling Brush to apply my foundation but I found that it left a few streak's and took a lot longer to blend. The Buffing Brush is perfect though. It blends amazingly, without streak's, and is a lot quicker and easier. Love it.

Well that's all. What are your favourite brushes from Real Techniques?
Miss Bows

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  1. i love RT brushes too, they're so good!
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