Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pixi Palette Review

Hello again my Stylish Bows. Today I have another review for you. I know, I know not another review, but I just seem to be loving products a lot lately. So on with the show (or review)...

Let me introduce the Pixi eye alchemy eye shadow palette. This palette is called metallic magic and is currently the only one in the range, but I am really hoping they bring out more. This palette has 36 eye shadows that include metallics and shimmers with a selection of glitters and mattes. The colours are gorgeous ranging from baby pinks to mid tone browns, greys to midnight blues. It also includes the most gorgeous silver, I am so New Years Eve party ready.

This palette is really versatile. You can create everyday, neutrals and uber-cute, sparkly party looks. It is the perfect palette for everyone, especially for those busy travellers who need to have a lot of different looks at their fingertips. This palette is really quite small and travel friendly.

The formula of these eye shadows is super creamy and pigmented which is good as it also comes with a £24 price tag.
You can pick it up on-line HERE where you can also find out a little more information.
Miss Bows

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  1. Hey great review. I have seen this on asos but wasn't sure whether to get it or not. I do quite fancy it xx