Monday, 20 January 2014

My Favourite Blog Pics 2013-Jan 2014

Hello my Stylish Bows. Today's post is a little different. I have been looking through all of my blog posts since starting my blog and I am actually quite surprised about how well some of my photos have come out. Having said this I though I would feature them all in a blog post. Enjoy.

This photo came from one of my most popular posts and I received a lot of positive feedback about this playsuit.

This was my first try at quote photography and I think it came out quite well. Read the full post HERE.

Aaahhhhhh. A simple little lifestyle photo, that I couldn't help but include. I took this little beauty while taking some product photos. It even made it into a frame in my bedroom. It's surprising how something so simple can look so pretty.

And now to one of my all time favourites. I love this photo, especially as it was my first try at Photoshop. I am especially proud of this image as I only took it on my tablet instead of my big-girl SLR camera. It came out pretty good (if I say so myself).

Well hello there Yankee Candle who just happens to be burning while I write this, what brings you to my little slice of blogging yummyness? Ok, so I am very aware that things just got a little weird. I owe this candle my sanity, as I would not have survived the harsh cold weather that is such good friends with winter without it. (inputs air hug. Remember kids, fire is dangerous. DON'T hug it.) I really like photos of lit candles, so I included my own.

 And finally we have the photo from my latest review post. I love how the end of this palette is blurred out. It draws attention to the blush and has a very pretty finished look.

If you have any photography tips, I would love to hear them (read them).
Miss Bows

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