Monday, 20 January 2014

My Favourite Blog Pics 2013-Jan 2014

Hello my Stylish Bows. Today's post is a little different. I have been looking through all of my blog posts since starting my blog and I am actually quite surprised about how well some of my photos have come out. Having said this I though I would feature them all in a blog post. Enjoy.

This photo came from one of my most popular posts and I received a lot of positive feedback about this playsuit.

This was my first try at quote photography and I think it came out quite well. Read the full post HERE.

Aaahhhhhh. A simple little lifestyle photo, that I couldn't help but include. I took this little beauty while taking some product photos. It even made it into a frame in my bedroom. It's surprising how something so simple can look so pretty.

And now to one of my all time favourites. I love this photo, especially as it was my first try at Photoshop. I am especially proud of this image as I only took it on my tablet instead of my big-girl SLR camera. It came out pretty good (if I say so myself).

Well hello there Yankee Candle who just happens to be burning while I write this, what brings you to my little slice of blogging yummyness? Ok, so I am very aware that things just got a little weird. I owe this candle my sanity, as I would not have survived the harsh cold weather that is such good friends with winter without it. (inputs air hug. Remember kids, fire is dangerous. DON'T hug it.) I really like photos of lit candles, so I included my own.

 And finally we have the photo from my latest review post. I love how the end of this palette is blurred out. It draws attention to the blush and has a very pretty finished look.

If you have any photography tips, I would love to hear them (read them).
Miss Bows

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sleek Face Form / Contouring and Blush Palette

Hello my Stylish Bows. Today I have ANOTHER review, I know I said I would try not to always post reviews but this product had to be reviewed. I have always loved Sleek, great products mixed with great prices equals a very happy me. When I went shopping to Superdrug last week I picked this up and OMG, it's amazing.

This product comes with a matte contour that is easy to blend and highly pigmented. I got this in light and it works with my pale skin perfectly. There is also a highlight and a blush. When I first looked at these I thought they were shimmers but, after a few uses, I found they are more of a satin with a hint of shimmer. All three apply gorgeously and at only £9.99 are a real treat.

I have never been fully sold on shimmer blush. I never really use anything but a matte blush. This colour is lovely, it's a soft pink that looks natural and glowy. I am still not sold on shimmer/ satin blush but I would use this on occasion.

Over all this is a great product. You can also pick it up as a duo with just the contour and highlight shades, which I think I will get when I finished this. What do you think about this product?
Miss Bows

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Favourite Fashion/Beauty Books

Hello again my Stylish Bows. Today I wanted to share with you all my favourite beauty/fashion books which I think have made me a better blogger and have opened my eyes to how amazing these topics really are. 

The handbag Style Guide by Carmel Allen
The Shoe Style Guide by Tamsin Blanched
Parisian Chic by Ives de la Fressange
IT by Alexa Chung
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual 

I love all of these. My favourite and most read has to be Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual, whenever I have a query about make-up this is always where I look. I also really love Parisian Chic, which is a style guide that gives great descriptions, ideas and illustrations about French fashion. J'adore. 

I tried looking for all of these on-line but I couldn't find the handbag and shoe style guides. I got them from The Works (discount book shop) here in the UK, but I don't know if they are still available or if they are sold in the rest of the world. Happy reading.
Miss Bows

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pixi Palette Review

Hello again my Stylish Bows. Today I have another review for you. I know, I know not another review, but I just seem to be loving products a lot lately. So on with the show (or review)...

Let me introduce the Pixi eye alchemy eye shadow palette. This palette is called metallic magic and is currently the only one in the range, but I am really hoping they bring out more. This palette has 36 eye shadows that include metallics and shimmers with a selection of glitters and mattes. The colours are gorgeous ranging from baby pinks to mid tone browns, greys to midnight blues. It also includes the most gorgeous silver, I am so New Years Eve party ready.

This palette is really versatile. You can create everyday, neutrals and uber-cute, sparkly party looks. It is the perfect palette for everyone, especially for those busy travellers who need to have a lot of different looks at their fingertips. This palette is really quite small and travel friendly.

The formula of these eye shadows is super creamy and pigmented which is good as it also comes with a £24 price tag.
You can pick it up on-line HERE where you can also find out a little more information.
Miss Bows