Monday, 30 December 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks Review

Hello my Stylish Bows. Today I have a very picture heavy post for you, but when I was photographing these products I was really pleased with the results. Today I am going to finally review the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks, I know I am a bit late on these but I haven't had chance to review these lately. I have two original lipsticks and a matte lipstick to review, I hope you enjoy.

First up, the matte lipstick. This is my favourite as I am a matte make-up fanatic. The colour of this is #111 Kiss of Life, The matte lipsticks are easily recognisable by their red packaging. This colour mixed with the amazing pigmentation and formula of the product makes it my number 1 red lipstick. I use it all the time and has become my go to product. The product glides on effortlessly and stays there. When I first got this product I wore it without a lip liner and it didn't move, and at only about £5 it is my favourite beauty bargain.

The original formulas are no exception. They also have great pigmentation and smooth formula, but have a little more natural finish. These would be perfect for anyone who is a bit shy of matte lipstick or bold colours. I have these in #10 which is an orangey red and #03 which is a bit more of a nude colour with a few brown undertones. I don't wear these colours as much, only because I prefer a bold lip but they are equally impressive.
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