Sunday, 17 November 2013

My week in photos #1

My Week in Photos #1

Hello my stylish Bows. So this week I have been kinda snap happy with my camera, and have decided to make a regular weekly post about my life in photos. Which brings us to this weeks, enjoy.

OMG!!!! I bought a new Nars blush. I won't say too much, but expect a full review soon.

I took this using my phone, I thought I would share my prized possession with you. I really love to name things but I am struggling to chose a name for my camera. Got any ideas? I would love some suggestions.

I would like to introduce my newest obsession. I am in love with Pretty Little Liars this week ( and for the last 2 months). I love each girl's style and they have become a great fashion inspiration for me. My favourite character is probably Spencer, we have a scary amount in common. I am totally team Spody. If you know what this means comment below. 

Now that the weather has gotten really cold, I love a yummy hot drink after a long day. Lately I have been really enjoying a frothy cappuccino in my pretty pink mug.

This is the stuff of the gods. Tesco is now selling loads of lovely american sweet things including this marshmallow fluff. It's great with pancakes, unfortunately not very healthy but oh well.

I am in love with Primark candles and when I saw this three wick one last week I had to have it. It smells really fresh and I love it soooo much. It also has a great Christmas-y tin which I love.

Well that's it for this week. It was surprisingly hard to make this post, while still keeping my identity a secret. 
Miss Bows

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  1. name it Mindy :D