Thursday, 21 November 2013

MAC Lustre Lipstick - PLINK!

MAC Lustre Lipstick - PLINK!

 Hello again my Stylish Bows, I made a sneaky order on the Debenhams website last week and saw this gorgeous MAC lipstick shade which I couldn't leave. The shade is called PLINK! and is one of the brands Lustre lipsticks. I really like the lustre lipstick finish as it always feels soft and super creamy, and this product is no exception. 

I have always been a huge MAC fan. From blush and eye shadow, to lipstick and make up brushes, I love the lot. The lipsticks always stand out to me, with their black, sleek almost bullet like packaging and their intense colour and great pigmentation. The best thing about these are they are only about £15. Now this may be a lot of money to some, but compared to some other high end lipsticks I have tried (and have paled in comparison) they are a great deal.

This shade is definitely a new favourite. It is a creamy, rose-gold kinda colour with a very slight shimmer(almost undetectable). When on the lips it is super creamy and has amazing lasting power. My only fault with this shade, is it's one of those colours that look terrible on anything less than perfectly moisturised lips. As it is Autumn/Winter at the moment and my lips are getting really dry I think this lipstick may be put away until the summer or spring, but I have a feeling it will find it's way into my handbag occasionally (aka every week).

What's your favourite MAC lipstick shade for A/W ?
Miss Bows

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  1. Oh this is just gorgeous. I also like your blog style it's very girly and cute xx