Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fairytale Quote Photography

Fairytale Quote 


Hello again my Stylish Bows, Today's post is a little different from my normal beauty obsessed reviews. Lately I have been having fun trying out new photography ideas, and getting great inspiration from all over the internet. I fell instantly in love with quote photography and how simple it is, yet the result is simply breathtaking. So I gave it a whirl. What do you think?

The photo is a tiny bit darker than I would have liked, but I can't control the British weather. I love fairytales, from Cinderella to Dorothy and her Ruby slippers, the characters and their stories capture my head and heart. I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those poor saps that own or have seen every remake of the classic Cinderella story (no matter how cheesy) and fall in love with the story every time, as if it is completely new to my little world. That is where I gained my inspiration for this little piece. Instead of finding just one quote, I decided to put together different parts of some my favourite fairytales, finishing with a word for word quote from my favourite movie Tangled. For this I used the stories Cinderella, The Wizard Of Oz, Snow White and Tangled. 
Can you guess which parts are from which stories?
Have you tried something like this? I'd love to take a look.
Miss Bows

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  1. Quote photography is really nice and meaningful. I love it.

    Maria Pol xx