Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Little Shopping Haul

A Little Shopping Haul

Hello again my stylish bows. Wow it has been a while since I last posted, lately I have been really busy. I took a family weekend to Butlins in Minehead, a day trip to London and finally I get to enjoy the nice weather as school is over for six weeks of sun and shopping. 

So I took a small shopping trip last week and decided to share with you my purchases.

Firstly I picked up three Barry M nail paints from Superdrug(in my defence they were 3 for 2). I had my eye on their new confetti effect nail paints for a while before I finally picked these two up. The pink one is called Marshmallow and the blue is called Bubblegum. I love the shades, they are really pretty and I am VERY excited to try them out and at only £3.99 each they really are a bargain.

The third one I picked up was another Gelly Hi Shine. I am totally in love with these, the formula is so shiny and applies really well. When I saw this pretty bubblegum pink colour I just could not resist.  Now for some reason they decided to name this colour Dragon. Why Barry M, why?

The Final thing I picked up was this amazing playsuit from Miss Selfridge. 

I'm sorry the picture doesn't show it all but I was having a few technical difficulties. I love this playsuit it has really pretty ruffles on the sleeves and the bottom is a beautiful coral/ peach colour. It is tighter at the waist and is very flattering to your figure. This was £39 from their petites collection, and is definitely my new summer favourite as it is such a sweet style and is made from such a light fabric.

Sadly that's all I have to show you all, but I am planning on going on a little splurge at my local shopping centre soon, so watch this space.
Miss Bows