Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Brightest of The Bunch

Hello my Stylish Bows, Today I was looking through my make-up and I noticed some of the BarryM items I have I have never used. You know those pieces of make-up you buy, thinking you will be brave enough to use but never do? Well these are some of mine. I must admit, I am considering reintroducing these pieces into my life, I would love your opinion so please comment below.
The first product is this gorgeous blue dazzle dust. I have quite a few of these little beauties, but this one I seem to have abandoned. They are £4.59 each which is an amazing price as this lasts a long time, but is also great if you were thinking of purchasing a bright colour for a special occasion but you know you will never use it again. I bought this product on a brave make-up day, believing I would use it. I used it once. Oh well, thankfully the price didn't put a too big dent in my purse.
I can honestly say I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this product. It is an Emerald green mascara from their Lengthening Mascara range. I bought this when I was in Boots one day and for some strange reason came out with this. I have tried it though, it actually doesn't show the colour very well and is a generally bad mascara. It was clumpy, wore off very quickly and gave almost no colour. For a £5.15 mascara, I am not extremely surprised about the quality, but I still felt slightly disappointed. 

This product I was really excited about  when I bought it. I held out high hopes when I saw this, it is the Limited Edition Lip gloss which I think was about £4.49. This was the first lip gloss I had tried from BarryM and sadly it was the last. The sparkle looking so pretty but sadly it had a sticky texture, didn't last very long and din't sparkle as much as I would have liked. I was very disappointed with this product. I believe they also brought out a similar Limited Edition Nail Paint which is supposedly very good, but I have never seen it being sold.
I have tried quite a few Barry M eye-liners in my time and have never been overly impressed by any of them. But obviously at some point I must have liked them as I found this orange Barry M Kohl pencil at the back of a draw. Sadly, I have no excuse or reason for this purchase I don't even remember purchasing it but obviously I did. I tried this a few hours ago, and it has the save qualities as most of Barry M's eye-liners. The colour is bold and when applied looks generally very nice, but sadly lasts little longer than an hour without smudging and fading. But is great for anyone starting out with make-up, wanting to try different colours for a cheaper price. 
These are how they looked, sadly the lip gloss didn't stand out very well, as you can see the orange is really bright and applies very easily and the texture is very soft.

Well that's everything. Do you have any products in your make-up collection which you can't explain? I would love to hear about them. 
Miss Bows

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