Sunday, 23 June 2013

Just a Few Bows #1

Just a Few Bows #1

Well, hello again my Stylish Bows. This is the first post of a new feature here on Bows of Style called Just a Few Bows. The idea of this is that I have never tried to document my life before, and this gives me a great chance too. I will upload photos, sometimes tell a few stories and in general bore you with my life. Basically a run through of my week, but I promise to only write a Just a Few Bows post when I actually have something to say, cross my heart.

So here goes nothing;
Friends have been a huge topic in my whirlwind of a mind this week. I am currently still at school and next year will be quite a change as my friends and I will no longer be in most of our classes together. Many of them have picked similar subjects and will be together but most likely I will be alone as I have chosen different ones. One subject I have chosen which I cannot seem to find anyone else who is taking it is Business Studies. This subject I am really passionate about, as I would love a career in business one day (hopefully something beauty/fashion/blogging related). Some of my friends are sure that we will drift apart next year, but I can only hope they are wrong. Any advise?

But on a slightly happier, more interesting note it is coming to the end of another school year and I haven't had any homework in the last two weeks. Are any of you in the same lucky position? Tell me in the comments I would love to know. Now this may not seem that important to a lot of you, but this gives me a lot more time through the week to produce more posts, and play around with my fancy new canon camera(thanks daddy). 
Here are just a couple of pictures I took through the day. My gorgeous Rimmel Be Bold lipstick(planning a review) and my cute as a button ducky socks. I love these beauties. As you can see from the background of the lipstick photo the great British weather wasn't great today. Sad face. 

Today I kind of feel like a bit of a rant about life in general. One thing that has got on my nerves is watching people treat those they think are below them with no respect. Have you ever been in this situation? I sure have and it stinks. Nobody is more important that anyone else, we are all equal or at least should be. You should never change for anyone else, only yourself. Happiness is the most important thing in life, only do what makes you happy and never let others get you down. It doesn't matter how much make-up you wear, of if you wear the right clothes. Everyone has the right to be respected for who they are. 

Miss Bows

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  1. I love these socks so much!

    B, xx