Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Hello my Stylish Bows. Here I am again with another Rimmel product review, I promise soon I will write a review on another brand but for today I would like to talk about this foundation.

This product comes 6 shades: 
True Ivory
Soft Beige
Classic Beige
True Beige
True Nude
Natural Beige
I purchased the lightest shade, 100 Ivory, from Boots for £6.99 which is a 30ml bottle. I was actually quite disappointed when seeing this product, that all the shades where quite dark but I still decided to give it a try.
The product promises to stay on for 25 hours, includes a moisterizing Aqua Primer, and Boasts the ability to keep skin feeling energized and hydrated all day. These are big promises to keep, but I must admit that it does a superb job of it. When wearing this my skin felt so soft, and it applied smoothly and stayed in place for the duration of the day. The coverage of this is about medium, but it is easy to apply more product without that overdone, caky look if you prefer a stronger coverage. My biggest fault with this is that it was slightly dark for my skin, it also does not include an SPF which I think is very important. Luckily, I found that by mixing this product with a small amount of my Maybelline BB cream, it lightened the colour enough to match and also then had an SPF.

This Product has a pump, which is always great as no pouring onto the back of my hand is required. It also does not flow too fast, minimizing waste and helps the product last longer if you only need a light coverage. The scent of this foundation, is actually quite natural and soft and reminds me of many moisturisers I have used in the past.

As you can see above, it does blend into the skin well and gives an even, smooth finish.

That's all from me.
Miss Bows

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Just a Few Bows #1

Just a Few Bows #1

Well, hello again my Stylish Bows. This is the first post of a new feature here on Bows of Style called Just a Few Bows. The idea of this is that I have never tried to document my life before, and this gives me a great chance too. I will upload photos, sometimes tell a few stories and in general bore you with my life. Basically a run through of my week, but I promise to only write a Just a Few Bows post when I actually have something to say, cross my heart.

So here goes nothing;
Friends have been a huge topic in my whirlwind of a mind this week. I am currently still at school and next year will be quite a change as my friends and I will no longer be in most of our classes together. Many of them have picked similar subjects and will be together but most likely I will be alone as I have chosen different ones. One subject I have chosen which I cannot seem to find anyone else who is taking it is Business Studies. This subject I am really passionate about, as I would love a career in business one day (hopefully something beauty/fashion/blogging related). Some of my friends are sure that we will drift apart next year, but I can only hope they are wrong. Any advise?

But on a slightly happier, more interesting note it is coming to the end of another school year and I haven't had any homework in the last two weeks. Are any of you in the same lucky position? Tell me in the comments I would love to know. Now this may not seem that important to a lot of you, but this gives me a lot more time through the week to produce more posts, and play around with my fancy new canon camera(thanks daddy). 
Here are just a couple of pictures I took through the day. My gorgeous Rimmel Be Bold lipstick(planning a review) and my cute as a button ducky socks. I love these beauties. As you can see from the background of the lipstick photo the great British weather wasn't great today. Sad face. 

Today I kind of feel like a bit of a rant about life in general. One thing that has got on my nerves is watching people treat those they think are below them with no respect. Have you ever been in this situation? I sure have and it stinks. Nobody is more important that anyone else, we are all equal or at least should be. You should never change for anyone else, only yourself. Happiness is the most important thing in life, only do what makes you happy and never let others get you down. It doesn't matter how much make-up you wear, of if you wear the right clothes. Everyone has the right to be respected for who they are. 

Miss Bows

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Brightest of The Bunch

Hello my Stylish Bows, Today I was looking through my make-up and I noticed some of the BarryM items I have I have never used. You know those pieces of make-up you buy, thinking you will be brave enough to use but never do? Well these are some of mine. I must admit, I am considering reintroducing these pieces into my life, I would love your opinion so please comment below.
The first product is this gorgeous blue dazzle dust. I have quite a few of these little beauties, but this one I seem to have abandoned. They are £4.59 each which is an amazing price as this lasts a long time, but is also great if you were thinking of purchasing a bright colour for a special occasion but you know you will never use it again. I bought this product on a brave make-up day, believing I would use it. I used it once. Oh well, thankfully the price didn't put a too big dent in my purse.
I can honestly say I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this product. It is an Emerald green mascara from their Lengthening Mascara range. I bought this when I was in Boots one day and for some strange reason came out with this. I have tried it though, it actually doesn't show the colour very well and is a generally bad mascara. It was clumpy, wore off very quickly and gave almost no colour. For a £5.15 mascara, I am not extremely surprised about the quality, but I still felt slightly disappointed. 

This product I was really excited about  when I bought it. I held out high hopes when I saw this, it is the Limited Edition Lip gloss which I think was about £4.49. This was the first lip gloss I had tried from BarryM and sadly it was the last. The sparkle looking so pretty but sadly it had a sticky texture, didn't last very long and din't sparkle as much as I would have liked. I was very disappointed with this product. I believe they also brought out a similar Limited Edition Nail Paint which is supposedly very good, but I have never seen it being sold.
I have tried quite a few Barry M eye-liners in my time and have never been overly impressed by any of them. But obviously at some point I must have liked them as I found this orange Barry M Kohl pencil at the back of a draw. Sadly, I have no excuse or reason for this purchase I don't even remember purchasing it but obviously I did. I tried this a few hours ago, and it has the save qualities as most of Barry M's eye-liners. The colour is bold and when applied looks generally very nice, but sadly lasts little longer than an hour without smudging and fading. But is great for anyone starting out with make-up, wanting to try different colours for a cheaper price. 
These are how they looked, sadly the lip gloss didn't stand out very well, as you can see the orange is really bright and applies very easily and the texture is very soft.

Well that's everything. Do you have any products in your make-up collection which you can't explain? I would love to hear about them. 
Miss Bows

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blog Makeover

Blog Makeover

Hello my stylish bows, how are you this fine day? I apologise for my lack of posting of late but if any of you check this blog regularly you will have seen that I have been busy giving my Blog a complete makeover and I have to say I am pleased with the result. I am still to add a few pieces such as a navigation bar under my blog header but don't worry it is on it's way. I thought I would give you a brief description of what I have done and if you have any questions just ask in the comments and I would be happy to answer as many as I can. So here goes:
Step 1
First I designed a new blog header using Photoshop. 
I really like the small bows between the blog theme's at the top. I made these by simply drawing them on Photoshop. To make this easier I used my Samsung Galaxy "10.1" inch Tablet which I find a great tool for hand finished details on Photoshop. 

Step 2
Next I used the same colour background as the header and then added a simple white bar down each side with a small pink stripe running through it. This I used for my blog background.
I got the inspiration for this from a friend who showed me her new laptop desktop screensaver which she found on Google images. It was a collection of buttons and stripes. I thought a simple stripe down the side of the page would look cute on my blog without taking to much attention away from posts or make the over-all look to overpowering and cringe worthy. 

Step 3
This step was my favourite. I produced a small welcome image, explaining a little bit about me and my blog.

I have again incorporated the same simple stripe down the side. I used the bow kind of like my personal avatar as I am very series about keeping this blog anonymous. I really like my new name "Miss Bows", thanks to my friend who jokingly called me it when we were 10 years old, It was a stroke of genius I never appreciated until now. (As you can tell I have LOVED bows a really long time)

Well I guess it has come to a point where I must say goodbye again, but please comment as I love to hear from you all and appreciate your support. I hope to make Sunday a regular posting day as it gives me time to create thought out posts through the week. Just a little update about my life I thought you may like to know, I recently acquired a new Canon camera from my dearest dad (he used to be a photographer) so hopefully I will be producing higher quality photo's soon enough, when I figure out how to use it that is.
So long my Stylish Bows,
Miss Bows

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not important post

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sorry about this stupid post i've been messing about with bloglovin. just trying to sort it out. Don't worry about reading this.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

20 Useless Facts About Me

20 Useless Facts About Me.

Hello there my Stylish Bows, lately I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this so I wanted to add my name to the list. Please don't feel you must read this if you don't like this sort of thing, but I would love for you to read it, and if do try doing this yourself I would love to find out  a bit more about you all, so please send me the link in the comments.

1) I don't take complements well. It is always very awkward.
2) I love the taste of anything watermelon flavoured, but I am not a huge fan of watermelon itself.
3) I am an only child
4) I love to shop, I believe that a bit of retail therapy is always the best medicine.
5) I have a serious medical condition called unstoppable sarcasm. 
6) I adore the sound of typing, It puts me in a creative mood.
7) My family and friends do not share in my passion for fashion( I sound like one of the Bratz dolls), and beauty products.
8) I love movies in which the main character gets a makeover(e.g. Devil Wears Prada)
9) I see fashion as an art-form.
10) I love candles, but I hate vanilla and overly sweet fragrances.
11) I'm an Interior Design freak. I think, like fashion and make-up, it should reflect your personality and be unique to you.
12) Reading quotes that I can relate to make me laugh. 
13) Google is my best friend.
14) I live in the UK, in South Wales.( Look it up if you've never heard of it)
15) I'm really stubborn.
16) I have long brown hair and blue eyes.(My dad calls me his "blue eyes")
17) The first beauty product I ever bought was the Collection 2000 Light Diffusing Concealer.
18) I am really picky about the scent of make-up. I prefer there not to be one.
19) Guess what... My favourite colour is pink. Bet you couldn't guess.
20) I hate when my mind betrays me and makes me think of something I want to forget.
I also really love Scooby- Doo. Sorry about the bad quality pic. I took it while watching the show.

Well, that's everything. I hope you learn't something about me. I would really encourage you all to try this, It really makes you realise that you don't know anything about yourself. Good Luck.