Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder

For a while my favourite powder has been the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. It is affordable at £3.99, fits my skin tone well and doesn't clog up my pores. It has always been reliable and easy to apply. But when I was shopping in Boots(again, I know) I spotted this little beauty sat next to the Stay Matte Powder. It's the Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (by Rimmel also) in 021 transparent.  

What stood out to me was the fact that it promoted the ability to help maintain a clear complexion, using a pureskin complex known to minimise breakouts. In a powder all I really look for is the ability to give my skin a matte finish and to control shine all day. This just seemed perfect especially since it also includes Natural minerals which I am always thankful for.

I couldn't believe that this product was also only £3.99. This an amazing price compared to another powder I have also liked in the past the Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural. I think this powder was about £21. This also sets well, but the price difference is a very large one. 

I was really shocked by the pigmentation of this product. For a transparent/ translucent powder it successfully helps cover blemishes and works with foundation really well.

Although all of these points are important, I have to admit my favourite thing about this is the scent. It reminds me of my childhood. Innocent, soft and totally natural. When it comes to face products like this I prefer products that are not scented and feel light, it makes me feel more natural and the product is usually better.