Monday, 29 April 2013

My first follower

   My First Follower
Today I logged into my Blogger account the same as I always do and had an AMAZING surprise. My very first follower. I keep this blog a secret from my friends and family, which is why I will be keeping my identity a secret as well. My reason for this is because I want my blog to be popular and enjoyed because people like to read it, not because I asked my friends to start reading it and encouraging others to do the same. They are my favourite people to hang around with and always put a smile on my face but they sadly are not interested in fashion, beauty and interior design. That is why my first follower is so important to me. Thank you so much and I just wanted to put down in writing just how much it means to me. Also wanted you to know that....(take a look at this video. I have no rights to it, I found it on YouTube)

xxx (c)bowsofstyle


  1. thank you x! my blogs a secret as well..

  2. I also keep mine a secret from most of my friends and family! or the link that is!
    And I am glad to say that I was your second follower! yay


    1. Every follower is equally important to me and I hope in the future I can gain a few more. Thank you for subscribing I really appreciate it. Can't wait to check out your blog.

  3. Hahah my blog is a secret too! : ) We sound so alike, I just got my first follower too! : )