Monday, 22 April 2013

A Delayed Hello

A Delayed Hello

Hi there, when I first started writing on this blog I didn't start with the traditional hello and welcome I know a lot of bloggers post, explaining what their blog is about, who they are and basically a start out to posting. So not to be rude I am finally doing mine. As a delayed Hello I would first like to say that if you hadn't already guessed this blog is very much about beauty, fashion and anything girly, interesting or fab-tastic I want to share. I originally started this blog as a kind of outlet for all my thoughts and opinions on different products and trends, but I also want it too be a sort of life journal. Putting the events of my lifedown in writing (only the interesting stuff), hopefully earning some giggles along the way as I am sort of prone to embarrassing moments and unfortunate bad luck. I promise here and now, to try my hardest not to make my posts boring and when giving my views and opinions I will be honest at all times.

Now that the boring Hello is over let me give you some quick facts you may want to know:
The name of my blog
I first thought of the name Bows Of Style as it sounded a lot like loads of style which I thought was cute and relevant to what I wanted to write about. I have always LOVED bows and think they are cute and can give any outfit a girly vibe.  

My personal style
My style is girly but I sometimes like to add edgy pieces like a biker jacket or ankle boots. I love smoky eyes, and am a big fan of red lipstick. My celeb style inspiration is definitely Taylor Swift. I love her vintage style and use of red lipstick. Totally Fabulous.

xxx (c) bowsofstyle

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  1. I love the describtion of your style, mine is very similar! I also love Taylor Swift's style, she is so pretty and fabulous!