Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Favourite Nail Colours (spring 2013)

My Favourite Nail Colours (spring 2013)

I have shopped around for a while looking for my favourite nail polish colours this season. When I chose these I looked for colour, quality and cuteness. These are what I picked up in the last week of shopping:

Models Own- pastel pink no.033 £5.00 (from Boots)
Barry M- Gelly Hi- Shine Nail paint no.5 Blueberry £3.99 (from Boots)
Barry M- Gelly Hi shine Nail paint no. 8 Grapefruit £3.99 (from Boots)

I love these in this order, They are amazing quality. The Barry M Gelly hi shine nail paints are amazing, they are soooo shiny and give an amazing finish, have an amazing price and come in lots of amazing shades *tip (wear a base coat because they can stain). The models own one I fell in love with because of the perfect pastel pink colour. They also had the almost exact shade but scented but the tester on the top of the bottle smelt very strong and way too sweet so I bought this one.   

I would definitely recommend them to everyone. They have never failed me so far. I also really liked the other pastel shades Models Own have, they are so sweet they are almost edible.  xxx Enjoy   

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