Thursday, 28 March 2013

My New Candle

This is my new favourite candle. It is from B&M Bargains, I have never bought a candle from them before but this one looked really cute. It is in a glass jar with a little ribbon. The fragrance is Ocean Fresh, but they also sold others. This one stood out to me the most because it was calming yet fresh, perfect for a long night of revising or even just a calming beauty session or movie night. The price of this was £1.99 which I thought was an amazing price and I just love it.

The candle itself fills about 3 quarters of the jar, and is white in colour. It is my best buy of the week. It is in everyone's price range and smells divine. At first I wasn't sure about the scent but it definitely grows on you fast. Love It!

My Favourite Nail Colours (spring 2013)

My Favourite Nail Colours (spring 2013)

I have shopped around for a while looking for my favourite nail polish colours this season. When I chose these I looked for colour, quality and cuteness. These are what I picked up in the last week of shopping:

Models Own- pastel pink no.033 £5.00 (from Boots)
Barry M- Gelly Hi- Shine Nail paint no.5 Blueberry £3.99 (from Boots)
Barry M- Gelly Hi shine Nail paint no. 8 Grapefruit £3.99 (from Boots)

I love these in this order, They are amazing quality. The Barry M Gelly hi shine nail paints are amazing, they are soooo shiny and give an amazing finish, have an amazing price and come in lots of amazing shades *tip (wear a base coat because they can stain). The models own one I fell in love with because of the perfect pastel pink colour. They also had the almost exact shade but scented but the tester on the top of the bottle smelt very strong and way too sweet so I bought this one.   

I would definitely recommend them to everyone. They have never failed me so far. I also really liked the other pastel shades Models Own have, they are so sweet they are almost edible.  xxx Enjoy   

Friday, 22 March 2013



My Inspiration Board

This is my Inspiration Board that I have been working on for the last year and a half. The reason I decided to make this was because, while doing designs for school and getting dressed in the morning I was always looking on-line and in magazines for my favourite inspirational pieces which was when I realised that why spend half an hour looking through weeks worth of magazines when it could all be just a turn of the head away at all times. I also took a picture of it on my phone so when I'm out shopping all I have to do it take a look to get into the shopping mood.

My inspiration board on my bedroom wall above my desk and opposite my wardrobes. Always there when I need it.

It includes all of my favourite brands(eg. BarryM, Lipsy, YSL), pictures that inspire me and specific products that I love even though some may be slightly out of my price range. Some things on here are very personal to me. I have a picture of a Barbie doll because I loved playing with them when I was younger, The fairy wand over the S was a party favour from my 10th birthday, the pink everything is because j'adore Pink, and the clothes show live poster which I went to with my school in 2012 which reminds me of lots of amazing memories with friends and an amazing, fashion filled day out!!!
I decided to write a post about this because I want to strongly encourage everyone to make an Inspiration Board like mine. It doesn't even have to cost anything. These are not just for those of you who are interested in fashion, you can make one about anything that inspires you or that you are interested in.They even make a beautiful decoration in any room. What I love about these is the fact that when I started to make this I noticed all those insignificant little pieces we throw away everyday (eg. Price tags, broken hair accessories)  that can make beautiful additions to a personal and inspirational piece of art.
It doesn't just have to be a board either. How about an Inspiration wall, book, door or even a whole room. Whatever inspires your creativity the most.

My Inspiration Book